Let's Talk About Greenwashing

Let's Talk About Greenwashing

Creating a sustainable future must start today. Not tomorrow, or next week, today. Being aware of your purchases and aiming to be more eco-conscious is one of the first steps you can take to actively make a change in your own life. That leads us to a huge consumer problem we are seeing pop up all over the United States and beyond.

Let's talk about something that can get in the way of making smart purchase decisions.


You’ve probably heard this term, as it has permeated social media. Greenwashing is creating false advertising stating to be more sustainable than you are. It exists in almost every industry from agriculture to fashion and especially in retail.

Greenwashing is the creation of false advertising, claiming an item is more sustainable and earth-friendly than it actually is. Greenwashing often includes making environmental claims that are not true, such as labeling food as organic or stating something is recyclable when it isn’t.

Using the color green or images of plants and animals on packaging while claiming to be sustainable is another way we see greenwashing popping up in our stores and markets. Knowing that greenwashing is out there can help you avoid it.

Not every company is honest about its practices and greenwashing isn’t going away anytime soon. Stay informed and do your research before making purchases, and don’t forget when it comes to the environment, your choices matter.

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